Sunday, March 7, 2010

The weekend's shows

We have had another good weekend showing at Casino & District K.C. Shows, it was not far to travel as it is the closest venue to us, just half an hour away
Our beautiful bitch Daisy once again did herself and us proud winning Best in the Hound Group and Best Intermediate in the Group on both days, adding another 50 points towards the still distant Grand championship title.
Harry was awarded the dog challenge and runner up to Best of Breed at the Sunday show and also awarded Junior in the Hound group.
Lucy, yes that's right I do mean Lyle's pet, well what about this, she was the reserve bitch to Daisy today and also the Best puppy in group. I'm sorry to say I can take no credit for this achievement as I asked a friend to show her, yesterday we did the jelly thing again.
It was a bit mean of me giving her to someone else to show, Lucy was so confused as to what was going on, she went really well and forgot to be happy. I don't think I will do that to her again, I will only show her very sparingly as it would be a shame to spoil her love for people, shows, outings, and all of life in general..The Dachshunds did very well today under Judge Mrs A. Lane from Victoria, 5 of the 7 awards on offer in the hound group went to Dachshunds, our 3 and the minor puppy was a miniature long haired and the Australian bred was a STD smooth haired, as I've mentioned before this does not happen often.
All in all it was a pleasant weekend with a great group of friends with several different Breeds.
I must give special mention to our friend Carla's Basenji's 'Taro' who gained his Grand Championship title on Saturday, something to be very proud of, our congratulations to them.
We had the joy of having a new friend join us on the weekend, Elke who has a couple of lovely miniature wire haired dachshunds, they are only babies yet and I'm sure she will have a lot of fun showing them.
For those who may have picked up on it, yes our baby Elke was named after Elke with the wires.
I first met Elke late last year not long after Abbie's litter was born, and I'm sorry to say I kept calling her Inga , so to get her name into my head I asked if she would mind if I called the new baby girl after her. Now everyone is totally confused( well not me) including the two Elkes as to I am speaking of/to.
Bye for now, I hope to get a photo up soon of Angel who is to stay here, and her sister Bindi who will be leaving us on Wednesday for her new show home on the south coast of NSW.........Virginia