Saturday, April 20, 2013

All doing well

Maggie and her babies are doing exceptionally well and to date it has been a dream run, all our fingers are crossed! They are now 2 and a half weeks old.

the 5th boy is under the 2 closest to mum's head
The girls have white colours and the boys black for identification purposes, as they are difficult to tell apart at weighing in times.

Taking time out for a brief lay in the sun today, Maggie is looking like all new mothers, very tired!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some exciting news

Tuesday 2nd April was a day of great relief after several days of anxiousness. 
Our Maggie 'finally' produced our first litter since October 2011, she spent 3 days and nights preparing herself for the event. 
Finally 5am Tuesday we had 1 female born at the Vet. 
Fortunately after a calcium injection she managed to produce another female and 3 males , all healthy, over the next 7 hours. 
We are so proud of her .
 Maggie is quite the 'talker' and keeps  telling me what a difficult time she has had, and now has to spend all her time feeding them as well! 
Fortunately she is an excellent mother  and the puppies are all doing wonderfully well.
We should also of course give some credit to Dad ,'our Pete' aka Gr Ch Sonree Starlite Quixtep for these excellent puppies.
 Pete turned 12 years old last month and managed the mating without assistance.

 DAY 5

Tug O War

I recieved this cute photo recently from another breeder. The puppy pictured was sired by our 'Marcus' and he is pictured with his Mother (Red) and big sister (B/T)