Monday, May 6, 2013

More stories from Inga

Dear Mum Virginia and Dad Lyle

Life here at the Gold Coast gets better by the day although I have to tell you
about a nasty experience that I had the other night. 
Would you believe, I found fresh, green, chopped, crisp,  crunchy  BEANS 
at the bottom of my dinner plate (the one with Snoopy at the bottom)!!! 
Now I ask you "What were they thinking?"
The Snoopy plate looked perfectly normal to look at with a layer of fresh
chicken breast on top, which I devoured in two seconds flat, 
then a layer of yummy freshly cooked penne pasta underneath which only took 1 second
to polish off and THERE THEY WERE, JUST STARING UP AT ME   - 
the fresh, green, chopped crispy, crunchy BEANS. 
I tell you, just the look of them would turn a dog's stomach. 
I carefully picked up a couple and gave one bite and quickly spat them out
on the mat.  I managed to pull out another lot and put them aside without tasting 
them and then I had to push the remainder to one side of my plate to find the one
and only piece of pasta that had escaped me. 
It took a lot of patience I can tell you. 
The story gets even better because by this stage Mum and Dad had collapsed on the couch 
literally laughing their heads off.  How could they do this to me?  I heard Mum say 
that next time she would cook them with other vegies as she knows that I do like them. 
I couldn't even get to lick Snoopy's face because of those horrible little green things 
and Dad had to empty them into the bin. 
I hope that they have learnt their lesson. 
I looked across at James and to my horror there he was chewing up the nasty 
green beans and ENJOYING them!  What is wrong with that dog?
We are going away in our caravan for over 3 weeks and James said the caravan parks
are great for dogs and we can go for long walks on the beach. 
Vale Inga
Sadly Inga past away aged 9 years after 4 years being loved by Lyle and I 
and 5 wonderful years of loving and being loved with Carol and Ken.
 Carol and Ken were distraught at losing her and asked 
if we had another older girl who could be a friend to James. 
So then along came Lucy with the waggly tail!

Lucy joined James in January 2012

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Babies are now 4 weeks old

They are eating solid food now ,and are getting around on their feet well.

Haven't they grown from those first photos  from day one! They are still very interested in feeding from Mum  and we do not restrict this at all, Maggie will decide when she has had enough.......