Sunday, January 16, 2011

Babu, Toby and Stella

"Babu is doing well and has just graduated from puppy classes with flying honours. This was not hard as he will perform any trick for a treat, he is so food motivated. Its no wonder Dachshunds are prone to putting on weight - he is a piglet. I know how important it is for his health not to be fat so I feel relieved puppy classes are over and the expectation of treats has reduced."
Thank you, Stephanie

"Just a short note to say hello and let you know how Toby is doing. He is absolutely gorgeous and has turned into a real little “man”! We also got a new staffie pup (she was 9 months old at the time) Stella – they love each other and play non stop. They have brought great joy to our family."
Update 2013
"Happy New Year! Just a short note to say hi and give an update on Toby!
He is a gorgeous young man.  
Stella, our staffy, past away last year in February and although lonely for a few weeks, Toby has become more and more affectionate and social towards other dogs.
We have been thinking about buying another dachshund as a companion for Toby and to complete our family.When you next have a litter, we would really appreciate if you could let us know." ...Emma

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The last should have been first, oh well....

Left: Daisy being awarded Runner Up Best In Show Coffs Harbour Show Society 2010.
General Special Judge: Ms E. Brown QLD

Dear Friends,
I have heard from several sources that some of you read my ramblings and it has been suggested that it was about time that I added to them.

right: Our Daisy, Runner Up Best In Show Bonville & District Kennel Club General Specials Judge Mrs L. Buchanen QLD
 A group of us Dachie girls travelled to Inverell for R & R, or so we thought!The Friday show, the wind, cold and rain was unbelievable, not as much rain as Kyogle but at least in Kyogle it wasn't cold..... Daisy was awarded Runner up in Group amongst all that, under the New Zealand Judge, she's such a trooper our little girl. Friday night at 11.45 pm there was a loud knock on the door of the cabin we were in, the SES were warning us to be ready to evacuate, as the McIntyre River at the back of us was to peak at 4am, and we might have to evacuate in a hurry. We had to have everything packed ready to go, needless to say there was no sleep from then on for Elke and I at least , our friend Meg happily slept confident that we would wake her if necessary! The river got to about 4 metres from our cabin at 4 am so we dozed until morning. The rain etc continued all Saturday as well, Meg's Standard Dachshunds were the most successful that day, both Max and Bella won their age classes. Sunday the sun was out and it was warm, but oh the MUD!! Daisy, Max & Bella won their classes which meant that Meg and I had to stay until the end of the show, this meant that we didn't get back home until 7pm, it was a very long weekend...
There were a few more shows after that, Harry and Daisy both had a few class wins between them, most of the shows were held either in the wet or mud to some extent ,show and go was the order of the day.

Christmas has come and gone we were lucky to have all of our children and their partners, plus grandchildren etc. visit us, mostly at different times between mid December until last Wednesday when our son Jason left to return to Townsville (he's Army).

I'm hoping to get some time to paint over the next few weeks, and Lyle and I hopefully can get some time to relax. I will try to be more dilligent this year in keeping you up to date, letting you know if and when we are expecting any puppies, and also I am hoping to have some very exciting news for you concerning our 'Daisy' very soon.
Take care and please keep sending your photos and any news of those much loved and special Sonree babies of yours. Kind regards to you all, Virginia

"I thought that I would send you an email on the very special birthday ( 1st of January 2011 ) of our gorgeous girl Scarlet.
She turned 10 years old on Saturday and I wanted to send you some photos of her and let you know how special she is and has been to us all. Thank you for sending such a beautiful, precious girl to me at a time in my life when I needed her most.
Three years ago we adopted a friend for her, although nobody thought it would work out.Scarlet now shares her life with our boy Sebastian who is a Cocker Spaniel/Dachshund cross. They are a great pair and the joy of our lives."
Kind regards Sandra

"Just a couple of photos of Oliver & Henry for you.
They are both doing very well. They have so much energy,they keep us on our toes! They are such a joy, we can't imagine life without them."

Oliver and Henry are half brothers. Their Dad is Harry , Oliver's Mum is Liza , Henry's mother is Lara they were raised together by both mothers ,as you would have seen in an earlier blog. Oliver(darker shading) is just 8 days older than Henry.

"Here are a few photos of "Miss Millie" on her holiday. My favorite is the one at Busselton - in mid air, she had an absolute ball while we were away!

Here is a photo of Millie and my new puppy Meesha. Meesha and Millie from day one have not stopped running and playing.They are just the best of friends"...... Lyn