Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to be a good dog

Thank you Suzanne and Daisy for the cute picture and advice😇

Pippa's 2nd Birthday

Hi there, I'm 2 today and my mum thinks I'm beautiful. Love Pippa x

Thank you for the update  and lovely photo Pippa

Monday, August 27, 2018

New puppies update

Charlotte./Skuta pups @ 3 weeks red and smaller B/T are female bigger B/T male
This photo  taken @ 4 weeks
The puppies are now getting about well and are in and out of their whelping box, up and down the small steps with ease. They are friendly little ones,  when hearing our voices they come running out for a cuddle. Mum Charlotte is still spending a lot of time in the pen with them as she did with her last litter ,and yesterday she was teaching them how to play, i.e play biting with out hurting each other or her, if they got out of hand she chastised them gently but firmly and they knew she meant it. There are  so many lessons  to be learnt as they grow.
These puppies are all spoken for and will go to their  lucky new owners in early October.
We are expecting another litter in late September, this is with Charlotte's sister Kate to Skuta the same sire as these puppies. It will be our second litter for this year and last until  sometime in 2019.
SONREE Passion In Flight... aka 'Skuta'

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I had to find some time, script courtesy of SL

Maggie had her first show day out in 9 years in May to Grafton.
Her presence was requested by an owner of one of her puppies who is Daisy aged 4 see  pix below.
Ch. Sonree I Am Miss Daisy named after her grandmother our 'Daisy' she is also a Maggie daughter 
Whilst Maggie thought I had picked up the wrong dog to put in the car in the morning, she had a lovely day out with her dear friend Miss Daisy who was entered for the veterans class. She got lots of cuddles and even got put on a lead for a walk, also showing she still has it with some lovely photos taken of her.
Ch. Sonree Royal Flush aka Maggie
Ch. Sonree Royal Flush aka MAGGIE aged 11 May 2018 
Supreme Ch. Sonree Trouble No More aka DAISY age 11
The girls in Grafton May 2018
 Great Grandma Daisy and Grandma Maggie's progeny DOB 25/7/18

Friday, April 13, 2018


" I am having a party at 'The Hut' tomorrow with my Tuesday friends and “aunties” with lots and lots of playing and a cake and balloons." .....Hugo

"I think he had a great day. He was finding it hard to keep his eyes open when I picked him up and has been asleep ever since with the exception of a few minutes for a tiny tiny dinner after his cake"... Bev.

footnote: Hugo attends puppy play group twice a week, he's a very loved Sonree boy.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Two very spoilt and loved Sonree Girls

Lily refused to move over to make room for Lucy because it is her favourite
bed.  Lily will race ahead to beat her and jump on it before Lucy gets there
and Lovely Lucy just wags her tail and walks away.  This time she was fed up
with this mean act and decided to sit on top of Lily and they both fell
asleep.  Lily wasn't about to give her up her spot.
Our thanks Carol and Ken for the special love you give them and your frequent up dates