Monday, January 21, 2013

Wirehaired Dachshund Puppies FYI

This is a photo of my friend Meg's litter of Wire haired Dachshunds, aren't they so cute.
The Puppies were 6 weeks old in this photo. Mum 'Bella' is an Australian champion and the Sire  from Victoria is also.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

  "We had a lovely break and spent heaps of time with Rio. He is getting more and more adorable each day and is doing really well. He is so clever and has a really good temperament."  Carolina

"We had a lovely year and our puppy Rio is doing extremely well. He is the most gorgeous dog and has brought us much happiness. Attached are some recent photos of him. "


Sire: Ch Sonree Paint It Black 'Marcus'
Dam: Ch Sonree Royal Flush 'Maggie'

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inga' s new home

James on the new lawn

Dear (ex) Mum and Dad
This is my new home.  My new parents have just installed a new lawn for me to pee on and I have promised not to dig holes in it. 
My new Dad takes me down to the canal and we feed the fish every morning, and I live in hope that one day he might drop a piece of bread. 
l am very happy living at my new home and Mum and Dad said that they feel as I have living here for years.  James is so kind to me and licks my face every morning.  He wasn't nice to me when I first met him though.  Anyway, all is forgiven now.
Love Inga  xx

Monday, January 14, 2013

The adventures of Inga, the beginning

In 2007 a lovely couple  came here to look at some puppies we had at the time. They wanted another dog as their Standard Longhaired Dachshund was' getting on'. They had brought James down with them, to see if he would accept a young puppy. The meeting did not go well as James had other ideas, and we were all concerned that a tiny puppy was not the answer for their situation.
 While they were here they  met all the dogs  and Ken was quite taken with an older puppy a black and Tan girl  we had here and he rang   a few days later to see if perhaps they could purchase her.
Her name was Liza and no she was not available, as she was being shown and was needed for her bloodlines. On thinking about the situation I contacted them and offered her Liza's mother Inga. So they came down to try the introductions again with James. Well James was certainly still not keen to share his owners and  snarled and growled at Inga, who just turned her head and ignored him!
So off they went for a trial to see if it would work out. Over the years now we have come to know Carol and Ken well, and have become friends.
Carol writes to me regularly of the progress of our dogs and the wonderful life they have with them.
I  will  be quoting some of these emails, as we enjoy reading them so much we would like to share them with you.
I love it when he talks as the vibrations tickle my neck..Inga

Bet you can't own just one

Our dogs were really enjoying sunning themselves, and really didn't mind the the fact the grass needed mowing!

This  poem has been edited as it was  a trifle long for the blog..Author Unknown

Why own a show dog? There’s a danger you know.
 You can’t own just one, for the craving will grow.

There’s no doubt they’re addictive, wherein lies the danger. 
While living with lots you’ll grow poorer and stranger.
One dog is no trouble, and two are so funny,
 the third one is easy, the forth a honey. 

The fifth is delightful, the sixth one a breeze. 
You’ll find you can live with a houseful, with ease.
They’re really no trouble, their manners are great.
 What’s one more dog and one more little crate.

So lets keep a puppy, you can always find room,
 and a little more work for the dust cloth and broom.
There’s hardly a limit to the dogs you can add, 
the thought of a cutback, sure make you feel sad.

Each one is so special, so useful, so funny. 
The food bill grows larger, you owe the Vet money.
Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
 except other dog people who live the same way.

There’s dog food and vitamins, training and shots
 and entries and travel and motels cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap. 
Then that favourite comes up and climbs in your lap.

Her look says you’re special and you know that you will
 keep all the critters in spite of the bill.
Some just for showing, and some just to breed, 
and some just for loving, they all fill a need.

The whole thing seems worth it, the dogs are your life. 
They’re charming and funny and offset the strife.
Your lifestyle has changed, things just won’t be the same,
 yes those dogs are addictive and so’s the dog game!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sonree Starlite on Aspen


Introducing 'Aspen'
The much loved 'little boy' of his owners who send us these   beautiful photos that are professionally taken of Aspen by a friend of theirs in advertising ,
these are just a few .....

Aspen  DOB 6.4.11
Sire: Gr Ch Sonree Starlite Quixtep 'Pete'
Dam: Ch Sonree Starlite Kazatzka 'Lara'

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BABU: Sire: Ch Neimor Lil  Hero (Imp NZ)
             Dam: Ch Sonree Starlite Czardas 'Abbie'

We recieved a lovely photo and update on
 'Babu' today 
 and were amazed at the likeness he has to
 our 'Rico' who is his "uncle" on his mothers side.....

"Our much loved Babu is happy & healthy - if a little over weight from too much Christmas turkey, so he will be starting the new year with a diet and fitness program.
Wishing you all the best for 2013".... Stephanie
Ch. Sonree Starlite Rioswing 'RICO'