Sunday, July 25, 2021

Being a breeder you make some wonderful friends :)

Each night Lucy and Lily are tucked into their Snooza Buddy Bed and are covered up with their coral fleece covers. They are such great mates. Sometimes they want to have an early morning cuddle and snuggle in until it is time to go for their early morning 45 minutes walk. Lily refuses to get up and has to be picked up to go while Lucy is waiting impatiently at the front door wagging her tail. Lily chooses which way to go each morning and you just have to follow her lead. The Vet said that they are both very fit and healthy. They love to go away in our caravan when we are able to and are such great company. Of course, they are both Sonree dogs and what would you expect? Carol

Friday, July 23, 2021

So true love it!

God asks a German Shepard what do you believe in?” The German Shepherd answers: “I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my owner.” “Great,” says God, “take a seat on my left side.” “Labrador, what do you believe in?” asks God. The Labrador answers: “I believe in fun, play, and loving my owner.” “Ah,” God said, “You can come sit at my right side.” Then he looks at the Dachshund: “And how about you?” The dachshund hops up on the throne, curls up in a little ball and says, “I believe you’re in my seat!”

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

News update from the Mid Nth Coast NSW

Enjoying morning sun. They are the most adorable little puppies,and so smart. I have taught them to sit, and not to bark (which is getting better)🤣I got a new kitten in February and the three of them play together and the Kitten has taken on giving them a clean which is funny to watch

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Some photos from home

Giving off Sparks our Charlotte
Charlotte with her last litter

Making themselves comfortable in my chair

From right Daisy 13, George 18months, Sofia 18 months,Bronte 10 months, B/T Rafa 4 and Mum Kate 5


Sonree Moonlite Memories  aka LOLA 4 found herself a blanket up on our side table!

The Boys in their loving home

 Marcus the hunter( dirt all over his face), Harry(Red) the homebody & Brian just loves everyone.

River & Brook are most contented on the North Coast NSW








 Looking rather cozy at night not a bad life, thank you Jane😘


Purdie on Purdies Lane


Purdie this much loved girl was named by the lane between our homes, she lives with her new family and visits her dog family  here regularly, she is a Charlotte/Rafa pup

'Bronte'   Our very last keeper😞Charlotte/Rafa pup sister to Purdie

I came across this cute photo of our lovely mum 'Charlotte' @ 3 months  just had to put it up we all thought it was Bronte as she looks the image of her Mother

Update on Pedro and Toby in Victoria


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Purdie and Quinzeh update


Just look at the size of those paws on Quinzeh😊these puppies are becoming great friends,

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Grace and Violet


 Grace must be the best natured miniature dachshund!

  Violet (Rag Doll Cat) had her beautiful coat clipped because it was so hot and she loved having her shorter coat but started to get cold when the ducted air-conditioner was switched on.  Violet then found Grace who was asleep at the time and crawled over her back to keep warm and Grace didn't mind one bit.  The two of them are great mates and often curl up together.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

They do like to dig!

" Purdie" A Garden Helper.  NOT!


Monday, January 25, 2021

Pedro in his new home

.He is absolutely beautiful!! said his new owner

  Lyle and I were amazed to see these  two together and thought how similar looking they are. Toby age 10 was sired by our 'Pedro' aka Ch Sonree Starlite Chaconne who sadly passed late in 2020. The new puppy has been named after  his great great grandfather 'Pedro'😊.

A funny sent to me recently


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Purdie has now gone to her lovely new home


Purdie just prior to leaving us at Sonree for her wonderful new home, taken 'with love' by our granddaughter Jacqui

 😀 After a few days of getting used to this crazy busy crowded house hold, Purdie is not only holding her own but winning the hearts of so many as you are only too familiar with I'm sure. You're right. These dachshunds are a very special breed of dog having the ability to place themselves in the most intimate human spaces but at the same time be a big dog personality amongst dogs. They mix these two worlds with ultimate skill and passion. Attached is a picture of Purdie at track this morning with the runners. She was mesmerised  with the tartan track and was an athlete this morning. 



Purdie is now in lockdown