Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A brief look at 2012


I believe I made a resolution last New Year to do some updates on this blog. It looks as though I might get at least one done for 2012!

Show news:

Supreme Champion Sonree Trouble No More our 'Miss Daisy' was awarded her Grand Championship in February 2011, and gained her Supreme Champion status in August 2012, she has been a wonderful show
 girl for us and she may still do a little more as she is still loving it

Champion Sonree Paint it Black " Marcus" gained his Australian Championship last February.

Sonree She " Honey" began her campaign  for her title last May and is close to getting her Championship.

I am not travelling far these days to shows, so we don't attend all that many in a year comparitively to others.The ones I do attend I  enjoy catching up with our friends in the dog world, and I don't mind having to assist at times with the running of some of the shows.

New puppies?
We haven't bred  much at all this year, Angel was the only girl to mated and produced only one little girl in late November. We do expect to be mating Abbie and Maggie in the next few months.