Sunday, October 15, 2017

and sadly another Vale.....Pete's son Rico

Our much loved Rico  has also sadly left us.... We first noticed a problem  on the Wednesday as he was unable to keep his food down and he was somewhat quieter than usual, although still managed to follow Lyle around as usual. Wednesday night he wanted me to nurse him while we were watching TV, this was most unusual as given the choice he always sought Lyle's lap, and he did the same Thursday night.
We had our Vet appointment Friday.....
Rico was diagnosed with very large and aggressive tumor filling completely one of his lungs, and it had started to invade the other. Sadly we had to relieve him of his discomfort.
Up until those last few days he had been as happy and lively as ever and at no time appeared in pain.
We miss him so much, he was such a special and amazing dog.
While  he was being shown up until he was almost 8, many children would seek him out for their junior  handlers competition. As they went to walk off with him he would just look back to me "asking is this okay" when I said " off you go good boy",Quite happily off he'd go with them.

 'Rico' aka Grand Ch. Sonree Starlite Rioswing you were one of the very best.
 10/2/06- 4/8/17

Thankfully he sired a  litter on the 4th July to our' Kate' Sonree Moonlite Mirage,....we have kept 2 of his puppies Black/Tan male  Sonree Moonlite Shadow 'Rafael"and Black /Tan female Sonree Moonlite Memories 'Lola' who has already begun her show career in the winners circle.