Monday, August 27, 2018

New puppies update

Charlotte./Skuta pups @ 3 weeks red and smaller B/T are female bigger B/T male
This photo  taken @ 4 weeks
The puppies are now getting about well and are in and out of their whelping box, up and down the small steps with ease. They are friendly little ones,  when hearing our voices they come running out for a cuddle. Mum Charlotte is still spending a lot of time in the pen with them as she did with her last litter ,and yesterday she was teaching them how to play, i.e play biting with out hurting each other or her, if they got out of hand she chastised them gently but firmly and they knew she meant it. There are  so many lessons  to be learnt as they grow.
These puppies are all spoken for and will go to their  lucky new owners in early October.
We are expecting another litter in late September, this is with Charlotte's sister Kate to Skuta the same sire as these puppies. It will be our second litter for this year and last until  sometime in 2019.
SONREE Passion In Flight... aka 'Skuta'