Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Update on our friends who love Marcus Harry and Brian

Dear Virginia 
Had to share this story with you...

As you would know, we have been surrounded by bushfires for about a month and the smoke outside has been bad. However, today I put some beetroot a little close to the element in the oven and the house got a bit smokey too! Before I noticed the smoke inside, Marcus started jumping all over me licking my face and then went to Justin and started licking his leg (very unusual behaviour for him). I then noticed Harry shaking like a leaf next to me... Brian was oblivious and sleeping on his back as usual :) When they had our attention, all dogs wanted to exit the building with us in tow...

All dogs returned to normal behaviour after the source of smoke removed.. I am very encouraged that we have some fantastic fire alert dogs! 

Albeit quite serious and just a little bit sooky at times, Marcus really is one of a kind when it comes to hunting prowess (unfortunate for many lizards [and snakes] around our property) and intelligence. He has such a great time in the river below our property, including jumping logs and swimming for prey. He comes back sopping wet and very dirty several times a day, although never misses the opportunity to sleep in crisp white sheets.... we feel so guilty that he had to spend 3 years in a Newtown terrace!

Hope you are both well and had a fantastic Christmas. May 2020 be a great one for you both.